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Competition Carburetion specializes in carburetors and distributors for high-performance vehicles and muscle cars.

We offer new and refurbished carburetors and distributors and provide a variety of services on customer provided cores.


Competition Carburetion opened in 1987. The shop was located in my garage in Granada Hills, California. I moved to Northern Nevada in 1993. I still get behind the wheel of racecar whenever possible. 


Winning a track championship in 2000 reminding me of the importance of drivability. Sometimes racers are too concerned about dynamometer numbers. They forget the importance of making the carburetor perform in all kinds of different situations. The dynamometer can teach us many things, but the real test is on the racetrack. At Competition Carburetion I build every carburetor to perform well on the dynamometer, flow bench, and especially on the track.

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